Leva Foundation

Fathers House Leva Foundation is a Public Beneficiary Organisation founded in 2013 and is aimed at providing employable skills development throughout the Eastern Cape and South Africa. We have a desire to be involved in community upliftment and development by starting a culture of “giving people the skills and opportunities to better themselves and the people around them”.

We believe that we cannot help anyone but rather walk with someone and give them the tools they need to help themselves.

Our primary focus is soical upliftment through skills development. We also run and support many other projects within the N.P.O. space.

WORK 4aLiving

One of the projects run by the Leva Foundation is WORK 4aLiving. http://www.work4aliving.co.za/

At Work 4 a Living we resolutely believe in the precept, “Teach a man to fish…”.
At the same time, we also believe that poverty will not be alleviated until the worldview of individuals is addressed.

Once a student has completed the 2 week phase 1 program we support them in 4 key areas. One of which is employment whereby we match employers and employees via our job centre. We seek employment opportunities for our students by referring them to interviews.

WORK 4aLiving programme teaches:

• How to find a job
• How to keep a job
• How to be promoted
• How to work to standard of excellence
• Financial literacy
• Principles of how to start and run a business

Addresses ideological barriers:

• Poverty Mindset – “I am poor, I will always be poor. I cannot change…”
• Spirit of entitlement – “I am owed something…”
• Dependency syndrome – “the government must give me a job…”
• Morals & ethics

All graduates of the programme leave equipped to:

• Conduct a professional job search
• Excel in a job interview
• Communicate effectively with an employer
• Understand where employee’s loyalty should be
• Take ownership of his/her Job, promotional potential & career
• Understand that only excellence should be promoted
• Be financially literate & understanding compound interest
• Implement effective time management
• Understand professional conduct in workplace
• Understand an employer’s perspective
• Serve customers professionally
• Evaluate moral character and consequence of decisions
• Start and maintain a business


• 550 young unemployed youth completed the WORK 4aLiving programme
• 160 are in gainful employment
• 65 micro businesses have been started.
• 151 studied further – Gr 12 or redoing some subjects such as Mathematics and Science or further tertiary education
• 179 people completed a computer course (with the help of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
• 600 – 1000 students per WORK 4aLiving Centre.
• On average 60% of our 3E students find employment within 3-6 months, some much sooner

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