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Family Life: Are you passionate about protecting and supporting families, empowering victims of domestic violence and strengthening vulnerable families? Then this is where you can make a difference. Activities include single parent programmes, women of worth, family support, counselling, divorce recovery and kids in divorce, reunification services, and providing emotional support to victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.





Student Life: For people whose passions are stirred when they see toddlers and young children whose potential is not being developed, and whose hearts ache when teenagers are seen walking the streets during school time. You know that you can help teachers and principals carry their sometimes unbearable loads for the sake of preparing young people to live fulfilled lives.






Work Life: You want to invest your time to champion economic revival in our Metro through garnering support for businesses and working people to declare their commitment to ethics and good governance; increasing employment opportunities; job readiness programmes; supporting SMMEs; affordable micro lending; and creating a climate where work is valued for its contribution to the economy.






Community Life:  You want to help develop a caring community of people. A community that cares addresses issues of poverty, socio-economic injustices, crime and health, the promotion of sport, cultural and recreational activities. It encourages leaders to have unity of purpose and to conduct themselves in an unashamedly ethical manner. We would connect you with an NGO or group that addresses one of these issues which is closest to your heart.