Masinyusane3Who We Are

We are an Education Non-profit working with children and families in the townships of South Africa. Our comprehensive Education With Love support system ensures our kids receive all the opportunities they need to succeed in life: Opportunities to get a good education, to eat a healthy meal, to discover and develop their talents, and to have someone love and believe in them. There is no greater investment – in terms of ending poverty and uplifting communities – than these kids’ lives.

Masinyusane was founded in late 2008 as a group of us came together and discussed the need for a development organization. Our communities face tremendous challenges and while there are numerous welfare organizations (doing great work) we felt the need to create an organization focused solely on development.

To that end we’re working to build an organization, inspired by the social teachings of the church, that provides people with the opportunities, love, and support needed to enable them to realize their full potential in life.

Our main focus is on Education, though we take a wholistic approach to the word. Every day you’ll find our team in schools teaching various subjects, in homes delivering food & clothes, on a sports field leading a team, or simply hugging a child and telling them we believe in them.

We have received tremendous support from the community and everything we are today is the result of the dedication and generosity of countless people (you know who you are). To all you, a very sincere thank you.

Masinyusane5Where We Work

Our work takes place in the townships (i.e. urban slums) of Port Elizabeth, in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province. While the townships are full of life, creativity, energy, and faith the challenges are signficant. In addition to the still very present after-affects of apartheid, the following are some of the major contributing factors to the rife poverty that exists today. These factors each exasperate one another, and in many ways the combination of the four creates a perfect storm from which it is very difficult for the poor to escape.

HIV/AIDS: South Africa is home to the largest population of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world. The townships have been hit particularly hard, with some putting the prevalence rates above 25%. The number is almost impossible to comprehend. Imagine 1 out of 4 people you know – family, friends, and loved ones – living with the world’s most deadly virus. As a result, there are almost 2 million orphans in South Africa. For more information, we recommend visiting the Treatment Action Campaign website

Unemployment: While the official unemployment rate is 35.9% (one of the highest in the world), the unemployment rate in the townships is estimated to be over 75%. This puts a huge strain on families as they struggle to find ways to put food on the table. More than half of our learners live in households in which there is no income.

Crime: South Africa has extremely high crime rates and these are exasperated in the townships. According to the UN, South Africa has some of the highest violent crime rates in the world, particularly murder, rape, and assault. It’s impossible to live here without knowing someone (or multiple people) who’s recently been a victim of violent crime. Perhaps our most appalling statistic, it’s estimated that 40% of South African women will be raped in their lifetime (a number that nears 50% in the townships).

Facing These Challenges: The first step is to recognize that these are challenges, not barriers, to success. There is no less potential in a child from the township of Zwide, than there is in a child from London, Beijing, or Beverly Hills. In fact, one could argue that the lucky few who overcome the above-mentioned challenges will be stronger because of them.

Our job at Masinyusane is to provide the opportunities, support, and love needed to overcome these challenges.

Masinyusane1Changing Lives

Thousands of kids have benefitted from Masinyusane’s initiatives over the years, ranging from children getting a healthy meal to students being sponsored to attend university. Our team is trained to prioritize, above all else, flooding our kids with love and encouragement. Despite all the success stories in the realms of academics and talent, we are most proud to say we have provided our kids with the love, respect, and sense of dignity that they deserve.

Masinyusane2Building Future Leaders

We have sent dozens of our kids to University; many of whom never would have been able to attend without Masinyusane. These future leaders are the first people in their families and communities to attend university. They will soon return empowered to uplift their own families, solve their own communities’ problems, and serve as role models for their own youth.
Empowered Schools

Our schools are offering a better education, using better technology, providing more opportunities for kids to discover and develop their talents, and promoting cultures of success. Our interventions range from providing families weekly meals to building libraries & hosting reading clubs to having kids using the world’s best education Apps on iPads. Our kids deserve every opportunity that children in the best schools in the world receive; we strive to give them just that.

For more information visit our website


Zanethemba is all about making investments in the lives of the children and youth on a consistent and daily basis. They are investments that bring hope, love and change in the lives of those who live in at risk areas. We have been implementing programmes aimed at the safety and well being of vulnerable children and youth in underserved areas of Port Elizabeth since 2008.

Zanethemba is a safe place for children that have been abandoned, abused, neglected or orphaned.
Our Zanethemba Safe Haven is a Temporary Safe Care Facility for young children aged 0 to 6 years old. We have children in our care that have been neglected, abandoned, orphaned or abused. All children are placed in our care by Social Workers, from various organisations, by means of a court order. The children remain in our care until a permanent solution can be worked out for their situation. We work hand-in-hand with the Department of Social Development and various Child Welfare Organisations.

Where do the children go?
When children leave our Haven, depending on their unique set of circumstances, they are either reunited with their biological parents, fostered by a biological family member (like an aunt or granny), placed in foster care with non-family foster parents, adopted or placed in a children’s home.

Our values
We value a family environment for the children. We believe every child is wonderful and fearfully made by our Heavenly Father and we see it as our task to protect the uniqueness of the child, to provide for the tools necessary to aid the development of the child and to create an environment in which the child can prosper whilst feeling loved and wanted.

Zanethemba staffIf you share our vision and want to get involved, there are various ways to do that.
You can help us through:
• Prayer
• financial support to cover running costs
• providing our day to day needs
• volunteering or
• by organising a fund-raising activity or event.
If you’d like to know more about how to get involved, please contact us.

Financial Support
Our projects are financed by public gifts and well as R26.30 per day per child from the Government, which we do not always get. Our monthly running costs include: rent, salaries of caregivers and administrative staff, fuel, electricity, groceries and baby products.
We are looking for individuals, schools and companies who would be willing to partner with us financially towards the running of our projects. This can be done through a once-off donation or by committing to a monthly or yearly financial contribution towards a specific project.

Tax and BBBEE benefits
Please note that financial donations have tax benefits for individual and corporate donors. Since Zanethemba is registered with SARS as a Section 18a organisation, and with the Department of Social Development (NPO Registration Number 061-457), all financial donations and donations in kind are tax deductible. Companies qualify for BBBEE benefits. Please contact us if you like to know more in this regard.

Contact Details
Cell: 072 733 3141
Fax: 086 234 5325

Project Sparkle – Moving Forward

Provincial 2I would like to give you an update on the progress that has been made with Project Sparkle, PE Provincial Hospital renovations.

1) Important Announcements

a) Project Starting Date
The project will officially start on Saturday 27 September 2014 and we intend to complete phase (1) one within 3 weeks.
Everyone that is interested to volunteer some time to prepare and paint the building/s are invited to join us between 8h00 and 10h30.

b) Volunteer Registration
Everyone that is interested to volunteer some time to prepare and paint the building must register; via the following;
i) confirm interest by sending email to
ii) confirm your interest by phoning 041-4841528
iii) ) confirm interest by sending email to
iv) confirm interest by registering at the Project Sparkle Site Office at PE Provincial Hospital on;
1) Saturday 27 September 2014 from 8h00 – 10h30
2) Saturday 04 October 2014 from 8h00 – 10h30

c) Health & Safety Requirements
Everyone that is interested to volunteer some time to prepare and paint the building must receive Health & Safety training, on one of the following dates;
1) Saturday 27 September 2014
2) Saturday 04 October 2014
3) Two training slots are provided for on each of the above dates, training will start at;
i) 9h00 – 10h00
ii) 10h30 – 11h30

Only Volunteers that did receive training will be allowed to take part in preparation and painting activities. This requirement is for your own safety and to ensure that we comply to Health and Safety Regulations for the building Industry.

d) Project Sparkle Information Desk
Following a Just1Hr initiated meeting, to further explore opportunities that will benefit Project Sparkle and Just1Hr, the latest development in this relationship is that Project Sparkle related enquiries can now be directed to the Just1Hr information Desk from Mon – Thu between 8h00 and 13h00. You can contact the office on 041-484 1528 or send an email to
The Just1Hr database and other related channels of communication will also be used to promote Project Sparkle, indeed a significant contribution for which we are very grateful.

e) Project Sparkle Fundraising
Following a brainstorming session I am pleased to confirm that the fundraising team has been expanded and now include Marieta Whitten & Denise Cornish, with Marieta Whitten being appointed as the Fundraising coordinator. All fundraising related information can be obtained from Marieta at the following contact details;
Tel 041-367 1837Provincial 1

f) Donations/ Contributions
We are urgently appealing for donations/contributions towards the following;

a) Construction Hard Hats –             (30 x @ a total cost of +/- R540.00)
b) Safety Glasses                               (48 x @ a total cost of +/- R524.00)
c) Painters – Safety Gloves               (50 x @ a total cost of +/- R450.00)
d) Safety Reflector Jackets               (48 x @ a total cost of +/- R625.00)
e) Safety Barrier Curtain                  ( 50meter @ a total cost of +/- R367.00)
f) Health & Safety Signage               ( 8 x @ a total cost of +/- R560.00)
g) Dust Masks                                   ( 120 x @ a total cost of +/-R480.00)

We also need support with the following;

a) we need +/- 400lt of 95 octane petrol for the high pressure cleaning machines that will be used to clean and prepare the buildings for painting.
You can make a cash donation or deliver petrol in 5Lt/10lt/20Lt quantities to Masshire in Kempston Road, Port Elizabeth. Masshire will safely collect, store and transfer your donation to the hospital site.

b) we are still looking for another two (2) petrol/diesel  high pressure cleaning machines (minimum pressure 10bar) for a period of five (5) days.

c) We are still looking for another four (4) sets of scaffolding for a period of 2-3 weeks.

2) Project Sparkle Support
The project has received significant support in a short space of time and it is evident that a significant number of Port Elizabeth citizens associate with the “Project Sparkle objectives, we are indeed pleased to confirm the following contributions that has been confirmed to date;

a) NMMU Psychology Society
Organised a music gig to raise funds for Project Sparkle;
When : Saturday 08 November 2014
Where: Music Kitchen, 69 Mangold Street, Newton Park, PE
Time: 18h00 – 24h00
Bands that will perform;
i) Luandale
ii) Alex Cavin
iii) Well Done Sun
iv) Written In Scarlet
Entry Tickets: R50.00 p/p ( all of which will be donated to Project Sparkle)

b) Masshire (Kempston Road, Port Elizabeth)
Donated the following;
4 x sets of scaffolding (for 3 weeks)
2 x high pressure cleaning machines (for 8days)
The Manager is also an active member of the project planning team and contribute a significant amount of valuable time.

c) Just 1Hr
Just 1Hr and Project Sparkle have decided to take hands in an effort to promote and achieve the Project Sparkle objectives, in a short space of time we have discovered that there are a lot of common goals and objectives. We are constantly exploring opportunities to build and strengthen this relationship and can confirm that Just 1 Hr is making significant contributions to help with the development of marketing and fundraising initiatives for Project Sparkle.
A further development in the relationship is the fact that Project Sparkle related inquiries can now be directed to the Just1Hr information Desk from Mon – Thu between 8h00 and 13h00. You can contact the office on 041-484 1528 or send an email to
The Just1Hr database and other related channels of communication will also be used to promote Project Sparkle, indeed a significant contribution for which we are very grateful.

d) The Herald (Estelle Ellis)
Estelle Ellis Senior Reporter at The Herald picked up on the Alan Barr/Project Sparkle talk slot that was hosted on Radio Kingfisher. She approached the Editor and got approval to offer newspaper space to promote Project Sparkle. The articles to date has significantly contribute towards the overall progress that was made to date and we believe that this relationship will continue to grow and promote the Project Sparkle objectives in a very unique way.

e) Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality was approached with a request to assist with a marketing campaign to promote Project Sparkle.
The response from the municipality was very positive and they will significantly contribute towards the printing and advertising costs for twenty (20) Pole Advertising spaces throughout the city for a period of three (3) months. We are also exploring other possible areas of assistance.

Kwikspace is the largest manufacturer of prefabricated buildings such as classrooms, campsites and office space in Africa. The area manager for Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal donate the use of a Project Site Office free charge for a period of one (1) month. He even went as far as obtaining a sponsor for the transport of the office from the Kwikspace Port Elizabeth depot to PE Provincial Hospital and back at no cost.

g) Ivor Smith Electrical
Ivor Smith electrical confirmed interest to assist with any Project Sparkle related electrical problems that need to be fixed.

h) Container Trust
Container Trust donated the use of two (2) x six meter (6m) shipping containers that will be used as storage facilities on site for a period of one (1) month, they are also sponsoring the container transport costs to PE Provincial Hospital and back to the container depot.

i) Westering High School
Westering High School has donated the use of two (2) sets of 2,5m x 2,5m scaffolding for a period of 2-3 weeks.

J) Willie Greef Trust
Willie Greeff Trust is a major sponsor of Project Sparkle phase one (1), they have donated the labour of thirty (30) skilled staff for a period of 3 – 4 weeks, Willie Greeff (Jnr) will be the onsite Project Manager and they will ensure compliance to renovation standards and the Health & Safety related requirements on site.

K) Rainbow Nation Club
The Rainbow Nation Club made a very generous cash donation of R20 000.00 towards Project Sparkle.

Please accept my sincere appreciation to all that has made donations in cash, kind or availing valuable time to support our efforts to take the project forward. It indeed means a lot to us and we are proud to be in such privileged company.

Kind Regards and God Bless

Schalk Fourie

Tel: 041 – 360 7171
Cell: 082 802 4903



The Heatherbank School started in 1974, on the farm Heatherbank.  It was run by the Department of Education for the local farm children.  In 2011, the school system failed under poor leadership, inefficient teachers and lack of funding from the Department.  At this point, we started an intervention program together with Times Media and a few sponsors ( Absa, Elf Rentals, and numerous individuals ). The school received an overdue facelift, and a security fence.   At the end of 2012 the Department closed the school. The Trust decided to start a Preschooland foundation phase school to re-establish the Heatherbank School as a private initiative.

The Heatherbank School project employs 4 teachers, 2 bus drivers and educates 64 children from Walmer Township, between the ages of 4 and 7 years.  The children are transported daily. Their day is spent in the beautiful surroundings of a farm atmosphere, with caring and committed teachers.  They receive a daily breakfast and a cooked meal at lunch time. Their afternoons are filled with extramurals, under the guidance of various volunteers.  Each year the school grows by a grade.  The total number increases annually by 25 pupils.


The Heatherbank School project is strictly aimed at underprivileged children from Walmer Township.


The goal of the Heatherbank School project is to uplift children from the Walmer Township community by giving them a quality grounding starting at 4 years old and ending at Grade 3. Research shows that children who are nurtured and stimulated at this formative stage of life develop better cognitive skills for their later education.


  • Strong emphasis on teaching English without compromising mother-tongue.
  • Parent involvement by means of daily notes & termly feedback. This involves transporting parents to the school to engage with teachers.
  • Well-structured lessons, interspersed with rest and creative extramural programs including physical education, pottery, music etc.
  • Provision of healthy meals.
  • Safe & reliable transport
  • Community involvement eg local schools & & NMMU student interaction.
  • Outings eg Holmleigh Farm, Kragga Kamma Game Park, beach walks
  • Twice-yearly pupil evaluation and assessment by external assessor (Lauren Stretch of Early Inspirations)
  • Strong teacher discipline as determined by well-considered employment contracts and subject to a clearly defined disciplinary code of practice.

The Heatherbank Pre-School

This school will educate, feed and transport 48 children daily.  We have employed   3 teachers, each with between 15 and 20 pupils.

The Heatherbank Foundation Phase School

This school opens its doors again with 16 Grade 1’s – with their own qualified teacher. They too will be transported and fed daily.

Resource Library 

The School furthermore has a resource Library, which collects all surplus stationary, books and text books from Collegiate Primary, Grey Junior and   Clarendon Primary School at the end of each year.   These resources are distributed to the 43 Informal Pre-schools in Walmer Township, to assist other teachers who are without basic resources.

If you would like to help in any way contact: Ellen Lovemore – 082 774 8943,


NPO NUMBER – IT 2404/95

Algoa Bay Council for the Aged

Algoa Bay Council for the Aged was established in 1961 when the need to co-ordinate services to the aged in Port Elizabeth was recognized. We started rendering social work services in 1966 and opened Port Elizabeth’s first service centre for the elderly in 1967.

Algoa Bay Council for the Aged has been in existence for 50 years. We are constantly striving towards improved service delivery that will increase independence and equip the elderly, and in particular the sub-economic elderly to face the challenges of aging in the community.

feature_375% of the indigent elderly residents at Buffelsfontein survive on a state pension of R1260 per month. Not easy to do. Our main objective is to keep these old folk active and independent and in the community with first prize being keeping them in their own homes and ruling institutionalisation out altogether. This because there are only 2 facilities in Port Elizabeth that offer frail care to sub economic older persons and therefore the waiting lists are long and because the other alternative which is private frail care can cost anything between R3000 to R10 000 per month. This is totally out of reach for an older person surviving on a state pension.

With the horrific increases we experience in the cost of living the old folk are often unable to buy their monthly essentials. They are in need of things like:

Toiletries: soap, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo

Non perishable foods: baked beans, sweetcorn, peas, bully beef, spaghetti and meat balls, tinned viennas, tinned tuna, small tins of coffee, tea, sugar, long life milk, cereal, rice, pasta, cup of soup, 2 minute noodles etc.

Other groceries: Biscuits or what they really love rusks, jelly powder, custard powder, tinned fruit

Perishables: veggies e.g. small bag of potatoes, carrots, gems, sweet potato and any fruit



How can you help? There are many different ways, one of which is to adopt a sub-economic resident and donate food, clothing and toiletries.

Should you be interested in assisting in any way please call Alta on 041 368 8434 during office hours or e-mail

To My Children

When I spill some food on my nice clean dress, or maybe forget to tie my shoes,
Please be patient and perhaps reminisce about the many hours I spent with you, teaching you how to eat with care, dress yourself and comb your hair.

Those were precious hours I spent with you, so if I tell the story one more time and you know the ending through and through,
Please remember your first nursery rhyme when I rehearsed it a hundred times with you

When my legs are tired and it’s hard to stand or walk the steady path as I would like to do,
Please take me carefully by the hand and guide me now as I often did for you.


Bags of Hope optionsIt was around 24th April 2013 while we were brainstorming and praying for our conference  that God gave my city group (8 very ordinary women)  the vision for Bags of Hope to be launched at our women’s conference ‘DARE” on the 24 may 2013 (we fellowship at Father’s House Port Elizabeth).

The Bag was to be a gently worn, smart Bag from our cupboards, filled with 10 essential items for women who had fallen on difficult times…(abused women and or women in pregnancy crisis).

The number 1 item had to be the Word of God -THE BIBLE   this is the Hope we have in Jesus..God’s word is alive, bringing HOPE to the HOPELESS

(we came up with the rest)

2. Lip gloss

3. Brush or comb

4. Wet wipes

5. Sani pads

6.  Hand cream

7. Tooth brush and

8. Tooth paste

9. Note pad and pen

10. Treat

10649653_755156381209849_7603649234294230816_nOur instruction was to give God’s Highest to women at their lowest….it was to be an extravagant Bag of Blessing….we were to translate to women that they are special, God has fearfully and wonderfully made them and that there is HOPE…Psalm 139: 1-18.

We were to put gift tags on each bag as though it were a gift..the tags were to have a ‘smart bag’ as the logo and the colours were to be navy and green.

By the way God didn’t shout all this out in a loud booming voice in case you were wondering!! He spoke by stirring these things in our hearts in a gentle, quiet, and very specific way…

 God told us Bags of Hope would go National… the Hope in HIM! about a God of detail!!

So with the vision and idea birthed in our hearts we appealed to women at our conference and our very special friends in our community, to bring a bag that was still in good shape and in that bag to place the 10 items …ladies poured in with the most beautiful, classy bags bursting with more than the 10 items requested….we had the most overwhelming response!!! 250 Bags of Hope were collected at the Conference and 100 more from the community of friends! The excitement was electric!!….We stood in amazement at how God had touched women in our city with compassion towards women in need! What a blessing it was and continues to be!!

Attending our Dare conference were 4 beautiful ladies from George who were so touched by Bags of Hope they launched it in George a few weeks later! A few weeks ago my sister in law Janelle (one of the 4 George ladies) forwarded me this sms….”I am Debbie Veysies friend who gate crashed your birthday on the beach.  I loved your idea of the Bags of Hope and we started it here in JHB. The response has been overwhelming. Thank you so much for your inspiration. In fact a friend now has started this in Cape Town…and she too is amazed at the response..keep well, God Bless ..Hetty Johnson”.

…….and there we had sat wondering for almost a year to date how on earth God would take this National!! We do indeed serve an incredibly smart God!! We are so excited at what God is doing through all you beautiful ladies, we could pop!!

 This was birthed in our hearts by God and it’s specifics are to shower women with His extravagant love and acceptance through ordinary women doing extraordinary bringing HOPE to The HOPELESS… …that being said, this is for ALL women in our Nation to get involved and add value into broken women’s lives of any religion, race or colour.  It is so wonderful to be involved in something tangible where we can actually see with our own eyes the difference it’s making…

Bags of Hope is not just a good idea it is a God idea….. With this in mind may we all be prompted to make a difference in some small way …even if you start with giving just a lip gloss!

So.. from us at Father’s House in Port Elizabeth

Lots of love

And God’s richest blessings to you all

Megan Beswick

P.S. If anyone feels God stirring  your heart to get involved  in Bags of Hope  and would like to get cracking in your town or city please contact me and we will email you the ‘gift tag’ artwork and any other information you require. E-mail:

Goodnews for Go-Gabi

28sTransbaviaans is one of South Africa’s premier mountain biking events, this mountain bike marathon creates the perfect combination of extremely challenging cycling amongst spectacular scenery through exquisite mountain ranges, right into the heart of the magnificent Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area, all in a team format. Since its start in 2004 it has been growing annually, deserving its place on many mountain bikers’ wish list.

Our church, Covenant Grace, has a group of athletes under the leadership of Dale Tucker, called 4Change, they do sporting events throughout the year in order to help various charities, and this year, we were incredibly blessed to have them nominate Go Gabi as the charity of their choice. The guys who did this year’s Transbaviaans were Dale Tucker, Paul Wolff and Marc Bradshaw, serious machines in our eyes! Gavin Ridge had been training with them, but unfortunately had to pull out at the last minute as he had a family emergency, with his own son landing up in hospital.

01sGabi our daughter was born with some physical complications. After many operations and various other treatments and tests she was finally diagnosed in early 2013 with Distal Arthrogryposis.  We are currently unable to afford to be on a medical aid that would cover Gabi’s medical costs that vary from various surgeries, medical appliances like wheelchairs, calipers, physio, occupational therapy, etc. It really is living by faith, but yet also choosing to actively get out there and make things happen and not sitting and waiting for it all to land in your lap. Fundraising is hard work, especially when you are doing it for someone so close to home, but yet it also drives you even harder, so many mixed emotions.  The love and support we receive from our CG family is amazing and even friends and strangers outside of our church blow us away at times with their incredible gestures and kindness.


16s20s4Change raised R21 000.00 by getting members of our church to sponsor them per km, 230km’s in total. The fundraising was part of a specific series of fundraisers to help cover costs of Gabi’s upcoming surgery in September. Gabi will be going for surgery next week, God willing. We really want to thank the many folk out there who have helped us reach this goal, a mammoth task for us to try achieve on our own, but there have been many people who have stood by us and helped us reach it in a very short period of time! We are blessed!

Visit the Go-Gabi website for more information



Isithembiso Babies Home officially opened its doors on the 1st of November 2005. The vision for this home was birthed in the heart of Bradley Verreynne – Lead Elder of Oxygen Life Church in Port Elizabeth. We have seen many inspiring displays of God’s provision, which continues to this day. Since 2005 we have cared for more than 60 babies. Of those babies some have been re-united with their families and others have been adopted or fostered.

Isithembiso2What we do

Isithembiso provides a place of safety for children ages 0 – 3 years old who have been abandoned, abused or neglected. We nurture, love and help to develop their physical, emotional and cognitive abilities, while working hand-in-hand with social services to place each precious child with a foster or adoptive home or reunite them with their families. We are able to provide a safe, healthy and loving family environment for a maximum of 6 children at any given time.

Vision & mission 

Our vision:

  • Rescuing babies. Creating families. Changing a nation.  

Our mission:

  • Growth: develop every baby physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Empowerment: train and equip caregivers and volunteers who care for neglected and abused babies.
  • Relationships: foster strong relationships with social workers and investors involved in the home.
  • Support: help families who have adopted or fostered with advice and resources.
  • Awareness: Highlight the plight of neglected and abused babies and the cause of the problem, inspiring people to action.

Our values:

  • Excellence: do everything as well as possible.
  • Compassion: display deep empathy for every baby.
  • God-centered: base decisions on Biblical principles and the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • Accountable: manage affairs in a way that is inclusive and justifiable.
  • Teamwork: endevour to work together.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q How long do children stay with Isithembiso?

A Generally, our children stay with us from three months to a year and sometimes longer, depending on the status of the child and how speedily their designated social worker progresses with their case.

Q How do we find homes and families for these children?

A The State Social workers who place the individual children into our care, control the foster, adoption or reuniting process. We work hand-in-hand with them to place each child with a family.

Q How are you funded?

A We are wholly reliant on donations from private individuals and businesses.

Q How do the children come to Isithembiso?

A Babies are placed with us by the SA Police or by various welfare organisations in Port Elizabeth with the necessary legal documentation of the Children’s Court.

Q How many babies do you have at any given time?

A Six – this limit is determined by the Department of Social Development based on the square meters of the house

Q Are you a registered charity?

A Yes. We are a registered as a Non-Profit-Organization with the Department of Social Development. Our NPO number is 044-856-NPO

Q Are all the babies at your Home HIV positive?

A No not all babies that come to Isithembiso are HIV positive.

Q How much does it cost per day to care for one baby?

A R217 per day.

Q How much does it cost per month to care for one baby?

A R6 500 per month. Costs includes e.g. Rental, consumables (nappies, formula, food), medical care, salaries (24/7 care), electricity, communications, security, vehicle (petrol), equipment hire.

Q How many staff are employed by Isithembiso?

A 6 (1 house mother, 4 care givers, 1 administration)

Did you know?

At the age of five, the brain has reached 90 percent of its adult size and the child’s emotional, behavioural, cognitive and social foundation is set for the rest of the individual’s life.

– Lauren Stretch – Early Inspiration 

We use up 7.2kg formula a month = R760.00, We use between 840 – 900 nappies a month = R1,100.00, We use up to 4 packets (320) wet wipes a month = R100.00

Contact Details:

Carmen Faragher

Tel: 041 581 0374

Cell: 076 038 7230

Address: 95 Fordyce Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 6070



LOVE STORY – Go and do the same

downloadLove Story is an NPO founded in 2012. It’s grown from an idea birthed from the hearts of a few, to a multi-faceted organization that runs a variety of community upliftment projects across PE. We operate to restore hope and love to those who are forgotten and destitute.

Through our FEEDING SCHEMES we aim to reach out to every homeless and hungry person across our city. We currently run close on 15 soup kitchens across on the region and serve about 50 000 meals per month.

Our EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME is our doorway of influence into destitute communities. Our teams visit disadvantaged crèches everyday to interact with the children and keep them stimulated. The general state of these children is characterized by HIV/AIDS, malnourishment, extreme poverty, alcoholism and abuse. None receive the educational instruction necessary for their age.

imagesimages (1)

Through our DISTRIBUTION & UPLIFTMENT PROGRAMME we aim to support the community wherever the need arises e.g. through hospital visits & gift distribution; by rebuilding shack homes; by donating household items to the needy and as an ongoing concern we support families who are in crisis with weekly grocery parcels.

Love Story relies solely on the support of the public. We dream to see individuals in our city join hands to make a difference in the lives of those struggling around us.

For more information: Call: Elaine 0794445666 Visit: Like:


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IGNITING A CAREER – Unique bursary

siviwe1BSc first-year student Siviwe Mbele the first recipient of a bursary through the NMMU Trust’s “Ignite a candle” bursary legacy campaign is congratulated by NMMU Trust acting CEO Renita Affat.

SIVIWE Mbele is a fighter.

The 18-year-old lost her mother when she was in Grade 4 and her father has never been a part of her life.

Raised by her grandmother in Alexandria, she attended Ukhanyo Secondary School, where she was one of a handful of pupils studying mathematics and science.

Despite not having a science teacher for most of last year, she passed the subject with marks high enough to qualify for university entrance. She was one of just six to pass maths – and she did so with distinction.

Now studying towards a BSc (Information Systems) degree, the determined student’s efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Siviwe was named the first recipient of a R25 000 bursary from the NMMU Trust’s newly-launched “Ignite a candle” bursary legacy campaign.

The campaign is determined to identify 10 promising Eastern Cape students whose circumstances have made it difficult or impossible for them to gain access to tertiary education – and throw them a lifeline.

What is special about this campaign is that it is the contributions of individuals – and not companies – that are being sourced to build up the bursaries. For the first bursary, awarded to Siviwe, 50 individuals from the Bay “bought” a virtual candle worth R500, and their contributions collectively made up the R25 000 bursary.

The aim now is to get enough individuals to contribute their R500 to raise the other nine bursaries. Ultimately, the Trust hopes that the studies of these 10 students will be covered for the duration of their degrees through the “Ignite a candle” campaign.

NMMU Trust acting CEO Renita Affat said the critical state of education in the province – where statistics showed only seven per cent of pupils’ complete secondary school and less than one per cent complete tertiary education – had been the catalyst for the campaign.

Asking individuals rather than companies to contribute was to make it personal.  “We want to make this campaign tangible and interactive – we want those who contribute to be able to track the individual they are funding, to share [with them] their own values, ideas and advice and even offer internships.” Contributors will be able to “track” their student using an interactive web-based programme.

Renita said the 10 recipients will all be people who have “shown tenacity and perseverence”.

Like Siviwe, they will be responsible individuals from previously disadvantaged schools who, despite their circumstances, have managed to get into university.

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