Business Against Crime (Eastern Cape)

Our Vision

A safe and secure Eastern Cape Province, whose people can live without the threat of crime and violence.

We are aware that, for too long, we have been applying technological responses to ideological problems; by which we mean that criminal behaviour is not significantly reduced by promulgating more laws, meting out harsher sentences, erecting more CCTV cameras, building sturdier fences, deploying more police officers, etc.

Our approach to reducing crime MUST also include the building of social cohesion – which includes individuals feeling connected, and belonging to their communities. It MUST include moral regeneration, consciousness-raising, parental skills training, building self-esteem, self-respect, and challenging social norms at the community level.

As such, Business Against Crime (Eastern Cape) is intent on being a change agent, by facilitating multi-organizational, integrated approaches to redirecting anti-social behaviour in favour of life-supporting alternatives.

What We Do

In response to former President Nelson Mandela’s invitation for business to join the government in the fight against crime, Business Against Crime (Eastern Cape) was founded in March 1997.

Business Against Crime (Eastern Cape) partners with Government, business and numerous other NPC’s and allied organizations, establishing, managing and maintaining a variety of crime-fighting and consciousness-raising initiatives throughout the Eastern Cape. We also serve as a link between private enterprise and Government, facilitating the adoption and sharing of “best practice” methodologies.

A message from Archbishop Emeritus Desmond M. Tutu:

“Please support, in whatever way you can, the various pro-active, crime-fighting initiatives undertaken by BAC (EC).  As a Section 21 (non-profit) company, Business Against Crime (EC) relies heavily on the support of like-minded people like you. Rest assured that, with your support, the tide against lawlessness in South Africa can, and will be turned around, so that the people of this beautiful country can live, work, and play without the threat of crime and violence.  God bless you.”


Business Against Crime (Eastern Cape) engages in medium to long- term projects aimed at addressing a wide range of criminality, including the causes thereof.

“School Watch” Project:

As part of the “RRR” and “RUR” project roll-out, Business Against Crime (EC) has, during the past six years, facilitated the training of ± 3,000 volunteer community patrollers, all of whom are members of bona-fide Sector Crime Sub-Forums, Neighbourhood Watch Forums, and Street Committees. Once trained, and thanks to the generous support of our private-sector benefactors, we provide them with the necessary equipment (e.g., reflective vests, whistles, incident notebooks, 2-way VHF radios, signage) to effectively and safely patrol their neighbourhoods, serving as the proverbial “eyes and ears” of the South African Police Service who, in tandem with designated private security companies, provide emergency back-up and support services on a “24/7” basis.

School Watch Patroller Training

School Watch Patroller Training

The “School Watch” project is a corollary of our “Rapid Urban Response” (RUR) and “Rapid Rural Response” (RRR) initiatives. Now that the “RRR” and “RUR” projects have reached maturity, we are acting on the numerous appeals being received from school principals, governing bodies and concerned parents to assist in reducing the following negative influences from the vicinity of, and within “at risk” schools: Bullying; gangs, and the promulgation of drugs. Deviant behaviour emanating from these three sources accounts for much of the violence perpetrated against women and children.

“Safe House” Project:

A natural extension of the “School Watch” project is the establishment of short-term, emergency shelters in the vicinity of “at risk” schools. These “Safe Houses” take the form of homes made available by vetted and trained residents. Victims (mostly women and children) are afforded a sanctuary until the proverbial “cavalry” arrive – e.g., traffic, fire, ambulance, SAPS, specialist NPC’s.

Trained Safe House Operators Receiving Signage

Trained Safe House Operators Receiving Signage

Business Against Crime (EC) oversees the process by providing clearly visible signage for participating homeowners, facilitating comprehensive training for “Safe House” operators, and providing them (via our corporate supporters) with the necessary cellphone vouchers to enable them to communicate with one another, and with 24/7 emergency backup services.

How You Can Help

As a registered NPO (Section 21) organization, we rely heavily on the goodwill and support of businesses, trusts and foundations, and kind-hearted people like you.

We are HUGELY appreciative of any support you may be able to provide; whether financially or “in kind.” Typically, we like to give donors and sponsors as much Public Relations acknowledgement as possible (at your discretion) in the local media (radio, TV, press, newsletters).

Any donation over R100 qualifies for a “Section 18(a)” tax receipt, enabling you to claim your portion back from SARS.

We also welcome volunteers, to help organize and conduct special fundraising events on behalf of Business Against Crime (Eastern Cape).

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you, and discuss projects that you can support / sponsor.

“He who does nothing for others, does nothing for himself.” Goethe

Urgent Needs

Safe Houses:  This initiative makes it possible for home-owners to make their residences available to the community as temporary places of shelter for vulnerable women and children.  I stress the word “temporary,” since the Safe House operator is provided with a comprehensive list of professional support services (SAPS, Dept. of Social Development, Municipal Emergency Services, Private Security Industry participants, and a litany of special-needs NPC’s) who can be called upon to come to the victim’s rescue.  At present we have ten (10) “Safe Houses” in PE’s Northern Areas.  We would like to have the same network of “Safe Houses” in Walmer Township (Gqebera).

If you would like to serve your community as a “Safe House” operator, please contac Bryan Howard.

Contact Details

Bryan Howard (MD)

Phone: 041-373-6401

Fax: 086-671-7283


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