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About the JUST1HR Movement:

For too long, our city has been crippled by poverty, injustice and disunity.

In August 2012 at the Herald Community Forum, Bishop Lunga ka Siboto called the leaders and citizens of Nelson Mandela Bay to “rebuild the walls,” following the example of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of Jerusalem.

In September 2012, the call became a clear vision

60 municipal wards making up 60 sections in the wall…The various domains of society forming the brick layers of the wall… Each brick representing an opportunity for change.

Soon, the vision became a movement.

JUST1HR is a vehicle to drive transformation by initiating a shift from institutions and corporations to personal involvement, promoting a spirit of volunteerism in Nelson Mandela Bay.

It is a call to the people of our city to be part of the solution by giving Just 1 Hour a month.

JUST1HR is making it possible for people caught up in an all consuming society to still, somehow, make a difference to those around them, even if it is for Just 1 Hour.

So how can you get involved?

First, think about where your passions, talents, knowledge, talents or expertise could make an impact. Do you have something to offer in the sphere of job creation, family, health or some other issue in your community?

Once you have some idea, visit the Just1Hr website at www.just1hr.org.za. Under the “About Us” section click on “Info”. Here you will find a database of the 60 wards, including maps, socio-economic profiles, schools, churches and NGO’s.  The NGO’s are in turn divided into ten categories. You can choose to focus on your ward of residence or work, or pick any other ward where you feel the need is greater.

The information provided here is designed to help you choose a school, church or community initiative that you can approach and arrange to visit so that you can make an informed decision.

If you still need further info or guidance, you can contact the JUST1HR Call Centre on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings between 8am and 1pm, talk to a friend, or look out for info in your local newspaper.

We want to see a metro transformed…

Socio-economic injustices addressed…

The crime rate coming down…

Per capita income going up…

A higher graduation rate…

Our leaders conducting themselves in an unashamedly ethical manner…

Systemic poverty cut off at the roots…

A community united.

With Just1HR a month, it is possible. [Graphics show 1 million people x 1 HR = 114 Years per month]

So join the movement, and help us transform our metro, one brick at a time.

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