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‘A Fighting Chance’ is a registered non-profit organization [126-055 NPO] based out of Nelson Mandela Bay, and its birth is attributed to escalating numbers of substance abusers in our communities. We provide community services regarding substance abuse, human trafficking, gangs and other related issues.


Through holistic support, counselling, education and life skills training, ‘A Fighting Chance’ re-integrates substance abusers, trafficking victims and gangsters into our communities so that they may be a productive member of society adding value and improvement of community life.


Our vision is to see a community empowered to stand up against substance abuse, human trafficking and the social evils that go hand in hand with these oppressive behaviours. Our aim is to see that members have “a fighting chance”.


To provide community services regarding substance abuse, human trafficking, gangs and other related issues.
To educate communities on crippling social issues, raising awareness and unity through community events.
To run rehabilitation programs that offers holistic support and care for substance abusers and human trafficking victims.
To run a re-integration support system, through counselling and teaching, for substance abusers, trafficking victims and gang members who want to break free from that way of life.
To work in collaboration with other organizations or individual parties that deal mainly with similar services and goals.


A Fighting Chance works heavily in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth running preventative measures against drug abuse. We work in primary and high schools, community events and public forums raising awareness on the topic of drug abuse. Our chairman, a recovered addict himself, shares his personal story of substance abuse and recovery to warn the community and to bring a message of hope that recovery is possible.


We have discovered that the community is all too familiar with the effects of substance abuse but are unaware of treatment options and are in desperate need of hope for recovery. So we also focus on providing intervention services to fill this gap. A Fighting Chance offers drug counselling including one or more of the following: assessment process of gathering, analysing, interpreting case information about client, lay counselling one-on-one, lay counselling group sessions, referrals to further treatment such as medical detox, HIV testing and physiologist, further out-patient services such as SANCA, social workers or support groups and/or referrals and applications to in-patient services such as rehabilitation centres or hospitals.

Sponsorship opportunities to help an individual to recovery:

With the help of people we are able to help people who cannot afford the cost of a rehabilitation programs. Most addicts A Fighting Chance work with come from disadvantaged areas. Usually the product of broken homes and poverty, addicts rarely have a support system or financial means to cover the costs of a treatment program. Addicts can achieve full recovery and become contributing members of society if given a fighting chance.

Below are our most referred and used treatment options.
1. Teen Challenge: Residential treatment program, 12 months long. Males and females, ages 18 and up. Males in Pretoria, Females in Cape Town. Admission fee of R2000 followed by R1, 500 per month. Travel costs to centre not included in this price. http://www.teenchallenge.co.za/index.html
2. Sheppard’s Field: Residential treatment program, 4-6 months long. Males age 18 and up. Medical Aid coverage if possible, if not, R3, 500 per month. http://www.shepherdsf.com/
3. MES: Overnight shelter. Males and females. R30 per night. Currently have account set up for A Fighting Chance referred clients, getting an addict of the street. http://www.mes.org.za/mes-port-elizabeth-0
4. SANCA: Out-patient treatment including drug testing, access to social workers and support group. Males and females of all ages. Prices vary. http://sancanational.org/index.php/treatment/out-patient-treatment-services.html


Cell: 084 313 1983
E-mail: afightingchance.sa@gmail.com
Address: 9 Booysen Street, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth, 6020

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